Zoltan G. Paal

Zoltan G. Paal
Zoltan was born January 10, 1942 in Kalocsa, Hungary, to Ferenc and Maria Medgyesy Paal.
He fled from Hungary at the onset of the 1956 Revolution. He spent his teenage years living
with his brother Ernest his wife, Edith and family. Zoltan learned English while attending 7
different high schools. He graduated from Ardmore, Oklahoma. He later studied at the
University of Utah.
After high school Ernie’s family visited Salt Lake City. Zoltan fell in love with the mountains and
came back to stay. He married Charlotte Molnar Paal, mother of Susanna and Clayton, later
divorced. For the next 47 years he was married to Louise Teerlink Paal, mother of Lisa and
Christina. Zoltan is survived by his wife, Louise; children Susanna Carleson, Clayton Paal, Lisa
(Eric) Poulsen and Christina Paal; grandchildren Cody, Zak, Gadge, Jordhan, Zolten, and
Alexandria; and his loving dog, Cayenne.
Zoltan’s family extended to the Cottonwood Country Club were he was employed as General
Manager for 31 years. He developed life-long friendships with many employees and members.
Every year he looked forward to Easter and Mother’s Day brunches, Huck Finn Day, Camp-
outs, and other holiday celebrations. He could be seen and heard playing tennis with friends
and family.
He enjoyed trips back to Hungary and to his favorite U.S. parks and cities where he re-visited
many memories and friends. He found enjoyment in escaping to the mountains with his dog
and family for hikes and cookouts. In the spring, Zoltan found happiness in planting and
nurturing his gardens. He could be heard throughout the neighborhood as he armchair-coached
his football teams and broadcast his commentary to the nightly news. Since his retirement he
has researched the baking of sour dough bread. This March he announced he had finally
baked the perfect loaf.
Zoltan lived life with passion and was highly opinionated. He felt it his duty to set any audience
straight. He was our stubborn Hungarian, but we knew he had a heart of gold. Surrounded by
loving family, he finally gave the last of his heart away March 27, 2018.
Close friends and family are invited to celebrate Zoltan’s life. Details to follow.
In his honor and in lieu of flowers, please plant a garden or tree.

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