Zephera Smith

Zephera Smith, born on September 24th, 1974, passed away suddenly on July 20th, 2017.

Zephera attended Eisenhower Junior High, and went on to attend Jordan High School.

She enjoyed baking, cooking, arts & crafts, all things to do with fairies and magic, throwing parties, and being with family. She especially liked to bake, and for a time she pursued her dream of making and selling custom cakes. She put a lot of effort into it. By virtue of simply doing what she loved, she succeeded. Zephera worked for FedEx, UPS, and DSL. She also worked at a daycare that she and her family operated, and this was very rewarding for her. She got along great with children. 

Zephera was a fiery soul. She was fierce yet sensitive, shy and yet boisterous, blessed with good looks. She loved to laugh and joke about life, preferring not to take things too seriously or let the world get her down. She didn’t care for whining and complaining. If your only problem was your attitude she would let you know. On the other hand, if you were in genuine need of assistance or compassion she would give freely to help you and lift your spirits up. Zephera was a great defender who rooted for the underdog. She didn’t like to see someone getting picked on and she would put the attacker in his or her place. 

Zephera loved to watch people interact and she loved to dissect people’s personalities. People were the focus of her life rather than things. She loved to talk about people and events. She also liked to talk about spiritual and magical subjects. 
She had a special interest in fairies, fairy artwork in particular. 
Zephera was a devoted mother who put most of her energy into raising her three boys whom she was very proud of. Her sons were raised to be strong and Zephera’s passing will put their strength to the test. They will miss her deeply, but they will carry on as she would expect them to, embracing life and family, continuing their bond with each other. 
 Although she never legally tied the knot, Zephera was by all accounts married and in love. Her husband Russell was with her through thick and thin for 26 years. They had fantastic times and faced many challenges together. They were as perfect for each other as any two people could be. No one doubted their relationship and their love for each other. Russell will find strength to carry on through his relationship with his boys and his young grandchildren, not to mention his family, which included Zephera’s family, without question. He is not alone. 
All of us in her family will miss Zephera, as will her friends. She left us too soon! We will never forget her. We will cherish her memory forever.

Zephera was preceded in death by her mother, Geneil M. Severe.

She is survived by her husband Russell Rasband, father Donald Chapman, stepmother Kathy, sisters Jamie and Jayne, brothers Jessie, Jared, and Crilll (Chris), and three sons Dameon, Dominick, and Dimitrious Rasband, and grandchildren Forest, River, and Xavious.

Zephera's services will be held on August 16, 2017 at 5:30pm at Kramer Family Funeral Home, 2500 S Decker Lake Blvd. Suite #1, West Valley, UT.


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