Trent Thatcher


In loving memory of Trent Thatcher.

Trent Morton Thatcher of West Valley City, the youngest of five children was born to John and Gayle Thatcher on January 26th, 1971 in West Valley City, Utah. He tragically was taken away from us due to an accident in South Salt Lake doing what he enjoyed. At pick & pull auto salvage his eldest son Nick needed Dad’s assistance, as the kind father and nature of Trent, he hustled over to assist his son to pull a transmission from Nicks pickup truck. In doing so, he was pinned under that truck, which ultimately ended his life.

Trent was only 48 years of age. He is survived by his wife (Michelle Gallo) son Nick (18) and his youngest son (Jacob Thatcher, 8) who loved and adored his Daddy as he followed his shadow as he so passionately worked on cars, boats, bicycles, go carts, you name it. Trent loved going fishing, camping, boating, star gazing with both beloved sons, lifetime friends etc. His father mentioned the fish would never bite till Trent showed up. He always seemed to catch the biggest fish, or his limit. Trent would crawl and sleep under the bow of his boat as a youth and still at times recently. He watched the stars as he knew he was never alone. He was so open minded. Loved to discuss cryptozoology anything para normal, and the majesty of the earth itself. Had great admiration for nature.

He believed in Christ, and his gospel. He never turned his back to a friend or family member in need. You could call him a gentle giant. He excelled in welding, took state in High School, worked for Modine. His welding skills exceeded most. HE could fix anything. Rebuild engines, auto body and paint, small engines, plumbing and was a master of most trades. Trent had just finished a long awaited project and rebuilt his boat and motor in his truck, camper set, and was getting ready to leave for a long awaited boating trip for his loving wife and sons.

He played football for Cyprus high and excelled in sports. He will be sorely missed by his surviving family members: John Morton Thatcher (father), John Scott Thatcher (eldest brother), sister’s Sandra D Thatcher and Wendy Lu (Randy) Butterfield.

Trent is preceded in death by his niece Daniell Cameron.

He is loved by his nephews Michael Owens Jason, and Triston. Casey and Chelsie Thatcher. Nieces Candice, Mindy, Holley and a few greats.

Lord Hold Trent in Thine Arms Till We Can Meet Once More.

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