Samuel Rodriquez Torres

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Samuel Rodriquez Torres beloved father, grandfather, husband and dear friend has returned to heavenly father this past Friday on June 8th 2018. He was born on August 24th 1960 in Lancaster, California. They traveled around until his parents Elias and Luz Torres settled down in Salt Lake, Utah along with 6 brothers and sisters; David, Margarita, Noemi, Luis, Paul, and Dolores. Samuel was very intelligent thanks to his sister Noemi, who taught him how to read before starting Kindergarten. Throughout his life in school he was always ahead in his class. Helping the legacy of his grandfather with the El Farol Restaurant. Samuel received his Diploma from Cottonwood High School and went to college to go to Culinary School and received his associates.

His main goal in life was to become Head Chef and owning his own restaurant. He had the opportunity to work in restaurants to pursue this dream. He had 2 wives and 4 daughters Cassandra, Samantha, Mellisa, and Lareina. Raising Adrian, Gabriel and Mackenzie as his own sons he never had. Samuel is now reuniting with his parents Elias and Luz Torres as well as his brother Luis.

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