Ryon Eric Nattress

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Ryon Eric Nattress, 31, Ogden Utah. 


Ryon was born at home in West Point, Utah on May 5, 1986 to Pamela & Brent Nattress welcomed by his siblings and neighbors. 


Ryon died at home in Ogden Utah on September 20, 2017. 


Ryon was the youngest of his siblings, the most energetic, fearless and straight forward. Family meant a lot to Ryon. When he loved he loved strongly, deeply and gave everything he had. He shared a deep unconditional friendship with his brother and best friend Vann. 


Ryon had an uncanny ability to speak to you in a way that no matter what would leave an impression. His life here, was one that will always be remembered.


Ryon always enjoyed the rush and excitement of adrenaline; always fearless in his adventures. He had a shine that no one could stop. Even before he could walk, he would manage to crawl up to the fish tank and try to feed the fish. He would sneak out of the house at 3 years old, run across the busy road barefooted and shirtless to help the neighbors fix what was broken. He would climb fences at 6 to jump on trampolines in the middle of the night that he wasn't allowed on and find a way to go on journeys collecting things. Not only was he fearless, but he was funny in doing so. He found it entertaining to pretend his leg was amputated, tuck it under him and race the cars driving by in a wheelchair he found. As the cars sped down the hill he would fall out of the chair just to see if they would stop. No one ever did! 


Ryon needed little parenting in his adventures because he loved being by himself and found out a lot about his soul that way. In his older years Ryon would take his alone time, walking and striking up conversations with just about anyone. He gained strong friendships and could not give enough of his time to those he cared about. He had a huge heart that cared for everyone. If he could help them in any way, he would. He would offer his bed to a struggling homeless man and constantly eat and share $5 pizzas. Ryon was a negotiator, collector of everything and a fixer of anything broken. There was never a project he couldn't do. If he wanted something you had, he would talk you into trading it for something he had. Even at 7, If he only had $0.27 in his pocket and wanted candy, he would go all around town on his scooter until he found a place that would sell him candy for half price or find a place he could get 27 pieces from. He loved to talk. If he collected ears he would have millions! 


Ryon was proud to be a juggalo and well known & highly respected within the juggalo community in Northern Utah. He helped many juggalos through their problems and always had great advice for how to act/react when people talked down against juggalos or any sort of segregation. He will be missed by his juggalo family more than he will ever know, but we know he's shining in shangri-la and looking down on us with Much Clown Love.


Ryon was a martial arts enthusiast. He loved everything about it. He was self taught and had the strength of a world competitor. He loved to run up a tree and back flip off. If for nothing other than the thrill of showing off how incredibly strong he was. He could hold a straight handstand for 10 minutes and had a wicked round house kick. He may have been small but he had the the power of a wasp. He would stop you mid sentence if you talked about someone behind their back and reminded everyone that someone is always going though something we know nothing about. He was incredibly talented and had a passion for anything with a motor. He would make anything with wheels rideable. He was constantly constructing martial arts tools such as nunchakus, knives, swords, and shurikens. He even painted some abstract art.


He was a beautiful soul. 


Ryon had the most beautiful, trusting blue eyes; like a springtime sky. They sparkled like excitement feels. Ryon enjoyed the freedom of always being shirtless and wore his skin as a canvas to his life. 


Ryon became a father at age 29. Together with his long time love Heidi Rosario, they had their son Silas Danger Nattress in 2015. Ryon was an amazing father. He immediately fell in love with being Silas' Dad. He was raising a fearless boy, just like he was. Ryon and Silas were always on a journey- somewhere. If Silas is to remember anything about his daddy, I hope it would be how much he loves him. 


Ryon is survived by his parents: Brent (Lynda) Nattress; Ogden and Pamela Gailey; Layton. 


His grandparents: 

Betty Nattress, Glenna Williams and Sharon (Johnny) Yearsley. 


Ryon has a lot of siblings all of whom he is survived by. Travis (Cyndee) Hunt; Roy, Amber Webb; West Point, Kellie (Steven) Sturgell; Layton, Josh (Darcie) Harris; Morgan, Jenny (Dave) Eskelson; Sandy, Vann (Kiley Wynn) Nattress; Ogden. 

Step siblings: Wendy (James) Clark; Wyoming, Brian (Brook) Woodruff; West Valley & Susan Duccini; Clearfield. 

Brother from another mother (and father!): Trevor (Randa) Hunt; West Point.


Many nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts and uncles and and even more friends and people who loved and cared for him. 


He was proceed in death by three grandfathers; Theo Gailey, Ned Williams and Morris Nattress. Three uncles; Steven Gailey, Jack Williams and Jerry Reece. 

One aunt; Geraldine Reece. 


Ryon will be cremated. We will have a service honoring his life at a later time. Friends & Family will be notified. 


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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Can't stop my shine--its raining diamonds in shangri-la..

Rest easy brother. 

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