Michael Lynn Morrill


Michael Lynn Morrill passed away peacefully on July 8th, 2019 at 1:35am. After battling metastasized colorectal cancer for 2 years.
Although a less than average life span, Mike did not live an average life. Facing the unknown never stopped Mike from heading off with a song and a prayer to new places like whydidwecomehere, Missouri to somewherein, Texas, to saintgeorgeismyfavorite, and finally settling in discgolfingwithQ, Utah. Mike generously shared his incredible gift of humor in the darkest of times and in the best of times, he was kind and authentic to the most humble of God's children, and did not slack his pure heart to the even the most haughty and difficult. Mike and Jaime were a team. Their home was always a safe-haven for the lost, the lonely and the broken. Unconditional love was in abundant supply. Anyone who had the pleasure of Mike's presence was uplifted, accepted without hesitation, and if needed, given a bed to lay their head. Most generously Mike taught us how to laugh! He was a jokester, a storyteller, where the stories were
rarely true, but we fell hook, line and sinker, every time and gave nicknames to everyone he loved. He hated vegetables, swallowing pills, seafood and applesauce. He was a true and loyal fan of the Dallas Cowboys and wanted six of them to be pall bearers, so they could let him down one more time, however, he is thrilled that his precious sons, beloved brothers and cherished friends will carry him, as they always have, one last time. Mike was given the gift of life and has now been called to give it back. We aren’t ready to let him go. However, Mike's timeless wisdom has carried each one us through many of life's difficult challenges and will continue to do so...."It's so dumb"

He is survived by his dearly loved wife of 25 years, 3 sons and 1 daughter Corbin Michael, Colbie Kay, Joshua Lucas, and Jaxon Hinckley.
His parents, mother Marilynn and Dennis Mason, Father Oran Leslie and Sandy Morrill. Also 5 brothers, a sister, David, Brent, Travis, Shane, Little Brent, Jennifer. Along with many more family members
We would like to thank family, friends, and strangers for all their donations, their kindness, love and support during this difficult time.
Forever in our heart and souls Mike will never be forgotten. We love you so much my love! Rest in peace.