Kerry H Hall

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Kerry H Hall Our Beloved, Loving, Brother, Husband, Father, Grandfather passed peacefully in the loving arms of his wife Holly Hall. Kerry Died at the age of 54. Time 3:45pm on Friday December 29th, 2017  in Provo UT. Kerry was born on July 19th 1993 with his twin brother Larry Hall in American Fork, in UT to George and Shirley Hall.

Kerry was raised in Pleasant Grove Graduating from Kearns High School.

Kerry married Holly Hall (Harrison, Kidd) on November 25th 1994 in Provo UT , With their three children their oldest Heidi Jo Hall, Becky Hall, Kelly Hall. They made a family. Kerry & Holly have two beautiful grandchildren from their youngest child Kelly. Her daughters names are Amara A. Searle, Jayda R. Walker Kerry was a loving man he was so kind to everyone he met. Kerry loved helping out others it was kind of a hobby he loved doing. He wanted to the best he could do for his family he loved them so very much, He fought so very hard to fight his cancer. Kerry is preceded in death by his Parents and his wonderful Brother Gerald. Kerry and Holly have lived in Provo UT for many years. Kerry survived by the strength and love from his Wife Holly and beloved daughters Becky & Kelly, Brothers Kevin and Kalvin and twin brother Larry. Sisters Carolyn Cressall and Sharon Church. 

     Funeral Service's will be held on January 13th at 10:00am at 

     1066 west 200 north Provo UT 84601. Kerry will be dearly missed.

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