Judi “Kari” Timmerman


Judi “Kari” Timmerman

The world is surely a duller place after the New Year’s Eve death of our colorful, often
eccentric mother, Judi “Kari” Timmerman. She was one in a million and lived life her own
way, often flouting convention and making her own rules. She always led with her heart
and was loved by so many for this reason. If you ever met her, you were instantly part of
the family and expected to greet her with a hug and a kiss from that point on. We will
miss her inventive metaphors, legendary “Karisms”, and the hilarious stories she
inspired, from posting personal messages to us on public Facebook event pages (“much
better than texting”) to almost burning down our house while heating up pajamas in the
microwave, this extraordinary lady brought boundless joy, entertainment, and love to
those around her. Though she had the biggest heart, it was no match for the disease
that weakened it the past few years and ultimately led to her death. Always the life of the
party, her absence will leave a hole that will never be filled.

Born December 22, 1940 to a newly divorced mother, Valerie Pope, and later adopted
by her stepfather Ed Smith, Judi and her younger brother George grew up in Idaho,
Wyoming, and surrounding western states. In true Judi-Kari fashion, she eloped on her
second date with a charming older man, Edmond Eldeen Hansen, on July 4, 1961. She
became a mother to his son and together they had five daughters: Bobie, Deedra,
Krishelle, Tishalea, and Shareena Hansen. They lived in Pocatello, Idaho, Murray, and
eventually Sandy, Utah. They divorced in 1980. She was married to Bob Timmerman for
a time in the 80’s and 90’s.

As an adult Judi connected with her biological father, Howard Nathan Broughton, who
did not know of her existence, yet did not hesitate to make her one of the Broughton
family. Mom loved her two brothers, Johnny and Bobby, her sister Tara, and step-mother
LaVerne. After losing her adoptive father as a child and her mother in 1964, Judi
treasured having her “daddy” in her life and our family was blessed to be part of the
Broughton clan. He passed away in 1981.

Kari, a nickname she adopted just prior to her divorce, continued to live life on her own
terms as a single mother, working at Holy Cross and Jordan Valley Hospitals. Anyone
that was lucky enough to work with her certainly was entertained! A few years before
retiring she purchased the Cottonwood Mall Blimpies location. A true people person, Kari
loved visiting with customers, her employees, and mall staff while running “the store”.
More than anything in life, Kari loved her family. In addition to her children, she was
blessed with 12 grandkids, one great-grandson, and another great-grandchild on the
way. Kari loved her sons-in- law and was beyond grateful to them for being phenomenal
husbands and fathers, as well as the men in her life. Mark Glassett, Jon Lambert, and
Ryan Anderson, you are everything a mother could hope for, for her daughters, and
more. She loved you all to the moon and back.

Halloween was Kari’s favorite holiday and the self-described “Queen Halloween”
requested that friends and family honor her memory with a costume party and
celebration of her life, which will be held on Saturday, January 6, 2018 at the home of
her daughter Tishalea Hansen Anderson, 604 W Houston St, in Stansbury Park. The
open house will run on Judi-Kari time, so we’ll start at noon and end when the party’s
over! Please come with your favorite memory of Kari and wear your best Halloween

Mom, you will forever be remembered as a kind soul who chose to see the best in
people and put your trust in the universe. We love you and will miss you everyday. Fly
mama, fly—sexy butterflies never die!

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