Janice Marie Larson Greenwood

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Janice Marie Larson Greenwood


Janice Marie Larson Greenwood, was born in Murray, Salt Lake County, Utah on December 5, 1956 to Glen Soren Larson and Lois Jean Olson. She was part of a family that had one sister and three brothers,grew up a happy content child, loving life and discovering the beautiful things in the world like nature and the universe. She quickly found her place in life though loving people and sharing her many talents of listening and being kind to others.She loved going to school and learning many important things that would serve her well as she progressed on her mortal journey. One of her favorite things she enjoyed was singing and talking—a chatter-box personified. She loved to participate in the Primary organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, was baptized a member in her childhood.

One of Janice’s primary goals was to become a mother, homemaker, cook, sewing, crochet, and teach her children the ways to a happy life, like she enjoyed. She prepared herself by attending Colorado State University, located in Pueblo, Colorado, where she studied the basic subjects of the journalism, social sciences, such as phycology, social studies, English and history.

She met Dennis Irwin Greenwood, Jr. during her high school years while attending Centennial High School in Pueblo, Colorado, their relationship quickly bloomed in engagement. She waited for Dennis to return from his mission to the England Bristol Mission from 1975-1977. Upon Dennis’s return from his mission to England, they married was solemnized on December 17, 1977 in the Salt Lake Temple.

Janice was a wonderful compassionate mother to four beautiful children:Dennis, III, Robert, Jennie, and Nathan. She had a natural talent of caring for children in a cottage business she started from scratch that grew to 30-children on a daily basis that graced her care. She was quite successful and innovative in teaching the children how to read and learn the basic grammar and math skills in preparation for kindergarten.In her words, “the world came to me to make a living to provide for her growing family.”

She was a sensitive feeling woman who would be easily be brought to tears, not easily provoked, nor judgmental, quick to forgive—a peacemaker. Janice was a true peacemaker, generous to a fault, easy to entreat.

Janice was active in the community through participating in the Great Salt Lake Council, Boy Scouts of America, by being involved with various scouting programs. She earned the highest award in the scouting district by being awarded the District Award of Merit.

As she grew into adulthood she got involved with other Christian and spiritual studies that expanded her knowledge into all the many aspects of Jesus Christ, who she made the Polar Star of her Life.

She loved to travel to Canada for her enrichment studies, Hawaii, and throughout the United States. Staying at various hotels and Bed and Breakfast to pamper herself from the stress of daycare. Above all she put her family first through nurturing, participating, and being intimately involved with their lives.

As time passed she developed several health issues that gave her great challenges to overcome, this did not diminish her ability to love and serve the stranger she met. She was noted for looking to do many acts of kindness, these generosities were greatly returned to her in the form of Tender Mercies from the Lord.

Following several episodes of healthcare that came quickly to her, during the final days of her life, she died on January 22, 2019, age 62, at Wasatch Manor Housing, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the arms of her Savior and loving husband Dennis who patiently care for her every need until the last breath.

Janice was proceeded in death by her parents Glen and Lois Larson, Dennis Irwin Greenwood her father in law. She is survived by Dennis Irwin Greenwood, Jr (husband), Glen Soren Larson, Jr. (Michelle) brother, Salt Lake City, Utah,Wess Larson (Marilee) brother, Sacramento, California, Gene Larson (Becky) brother, Lindon, Utah, Shirley Morain (Gary) sister, San Jose, California.Son Dennis, Greenwood III and Companion Robert Bywater, and son Robert W. Greenwood of West Valley City, Utah,Jennie (Lucas)Ledesma of Rosario, Argentina.

Obituary of Janice Marie Larson Greenwood

Daughter, Jennie Marie in Rosario, Argentina,Nathan & Jessie), son, of Roy, Utah,four grandchildren: Angelina, Diego, and Alyssa.Mother in law Kaye Baxter of Pueblo, Colorado. She loved her many nieces and nephews.

Special thanks should be given to Valeo Home Health and Hopice, especially her personal nurse Debbie Einfeldt , (Husband) Dennis’s Sister who provided exceptional hospice care.

Memorial services was held on Saturday, January 27, 2019 at Wasatch Manor Housing, located in Salt Lake City, Utah at 535 S 200 E.Cremation thru Kramer Family Funeral Home - West Valley City. ~ No viewing or funeral.

She will be sorely missed by her loving family that will remember her forever!

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