Darlene Ann Jeys


Darlene Anne Jeys, Age 60, passed away August 6th 2016 surrounded by family and friends she considered family at Intermountain Healthcare in Salt Lake City.  

She was born in Norristown, Pennsylvania to Loving Parents, James William Howard and Ruth Annie Alderfer.


Darlene was a smart young lady, learning rights and wrongs early on. to help out her Mother, she got her first job at the age of 15. Hardworking and committed from the very start, she would soon leave her home in Norristown to begin anew in Salt Lake City, Utah. What she found in her adventures was a few children, tons of grandchildren and what she would now call her Life.


Darlene Jeys will be remembered by anybody who knew her as a great and loving person. she was a wonderful Mother, a fantastic grandmother, an amazing Wife, and a cherished Friend. She forged her most important friendship many years ago with her Bestfriend Sue Rask and began not only raising her own children but raising grandchildren as well. Somehow, with that very limited time and resource she worked two jobs and got a degree in Business which is already hard to do without children. She was always witty and smart. quick with jokes, some work appropriate, some not so much. Darlene was always the shoulder to cry on, as she would always be there with love and support for anybody she would call a friend or Family. Despite how hard-working and dedicated she was to her work, she put people first. no matter if it bit her in the end.


Some of the things she loved were The Golden Girls, Lifetime Movies, Snapped, watching movies with her Family, and The Monkees. She is Preceeded in passing by her Mother Ruth, Her sister, Teresa D. Mulville and her grandson Skylar.


She is Survived by her Husband, Cameron Jeys. Three Children, Jimmy Reeves, Kim Reeves, Spring Minnick (and Conrad Grange). Nine grandchildren, Jonathon, Nathan, Zach, Tabitha, Mistical, Trevvor, Amy, Aaryan and Vin who will continue to love and miss her every day.


Services will be held 5-7pm on August 11th 2016 at Kramer Family Funeral Home located at 2500 South Decker Lake Boulevard, Suite 1 West Valley City, Utah 84119