Catherine "Cari" Clegg Dixon


To The 12th of  Never Catherine “Cari” Clegg Dixon was a blessing to this world. Like Gepetto in Pinochio, she was and is magic that brought life and love.  This realm is lesser without you; your power, your strength, your love and talents. You are such an artist, the world's greatest pianist, loving mother, grandmother, country lady, horseshow-woman and a voice of an angel when you sang; even the way you drove your car was a classic lady. Most of all, your love… it is always with us. It has been everyone's pleasure to even know you, your families pleasure to share it, and our personal pleasure in hoping we brought you joy, pride and as much love as you gave. We are so proud of you in every way and will honor you as long as we breathe, please check in with us from time to time, or every day.  Always and forever , gwee. – Your children.

To Cari,

Times past, riding and showing horses in the inter mountain west, riding horses in the hills and bonanza flats, listening to her genius at the piano were just a few of the beginnings. Camping,  fishing, travels all over Europe getting along with my bungling German came later.   Laughing, drinking beers in the hot sun at the horse shows with friends, tennis at Fort Douglas as well as barbecues with tennis friends and our children made wonderful times.  She gave me the most precious jewels of my life, our three children. Strong willed, she and I had our ups and downs but we were always a family even after we had gone separate ways, she was always there for our children.  They cared for her to the time of her passing and we will deeply cherish her memories.


Cari is survived by Candice, Dustin, Darci your children; Chandler and Jolie your grandkids.

Services will be announced by family personally,


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