Anastasia Arasi Seufale

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On March 27th 2018 at 12:30 am Anastasia Arasi Seufale, most commonly known as Stacie, was called upon by our father to join him as an Angel in his kingdom. She was born in the Island on Samoa at the LBJ hospital in Pago Pago American Samoa. 

  Stacie is survived by many who hold her dear in their hearts. She is a mother to 3 beautiful children, Umaaso Seufale Jr., Isaia Seufale and Ivory Seufale. She is a wife to a gracious husband Umaaso Seufale. She is a daughter, a sister, a cousin and a friend to many. 

Stacie Graduated the year 2005 from Tafuna High School. She soon after joined the military were she met the love of her life and as followed became his wife. 

Stacie had many talents. She utilized this to earn her license to become a cosmetologist. Her biggest talent and joy was being a mother. She loved making new friends and meeting new people. She loved dancing, singing, playing all kinds of sports, meeting new people, and everything else that her caring heart will allow. If you became Stacie’s you would always be her friend. To all who knew her unique spirit she always left you with a piece of joy.


Her funeral service for family will be held on April 14th 2018 @9:00 am afterwards it is open to the public at 10:00 am. We welcome everyone who knew her and loved her as much as we do.

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