Anastasia Apostolakis

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Anastasia Apostolakis, 89, passed away on October 26 th , 2017 in Salt Lake City.
Anna was loved by everyone that knew her. She is remembered as an intelligent,
courageous, and beautiful woman inside and out. Born on the island of Rhodes,
Greece, Anna became an involved member of the Greek Orthodox Church at a
young age. She loved to cook and spent a lot of time cooking for the monks in
the Monastery.

When she moved to the United States, she continued to cook and owned several
Greek restaurants in her later years. This was her profession, but it was also her
passion. Anna enjoyed cooking for friends, family, and the neighborhood. She
always made way too much food and shared it with just about everyone. She had
a way of taking care of people that was unparalleled. You didn’t have to be
related to her in order to be treated like family. Everyone was welcome in her

Anna was funny, witty, and youthful even in her older years. One of her favorite
stories to tell was about her first pair of shoes. She didn’t have much growing up,
so the morning after she got her very first pair of shoes, she walked right into a
wall because she was too busy admiring them to pay attention to where she was
going. Perhaps the best part about this story was how hard it made her laugh
every time she told it. Her laughter was contagious. She absolutely adored her
two cats-- they made her laugh harder than anything. She even created a song
about her handsome cat Joey.

Anna had four sons and a husband whom she loved deeply. She lost her two
middle sons, Frank and George, before they reached age 30. She loved to travel
with her sons John and Pete, and her husband Harry. They would frequently go
to Vegas, Wendover, and Mesquite to gamble together (slots were her game of
choice). Anna also enjoyed traveling to Overton to pick pomegranates in the fall.
She always brought back enough to share with everyone.

Anna has been through so much in her life. She was adored and admired by
everyone that knew her. She was truly one-of- a-kind. Anastasia Apostolakis will
be buried at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Salt Lake City next to her brother, John
Manousakis on Tuesday, October 31 st .

May her memory be eternal.

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